Our Mission

Our Mission

For some, travel is a treat. For others, it is a necessary part of their work. I travel the world as a professional speaker and spend as much as 100 nights a year in hotels. While it is difficult being away from home and from my family, there are people who work tirelessly, out-of-sightto make my home away from home a little more bearable. It's the hotel staff. More specifically, it is the housekeepers.

While I am out meeting with clients or speaking on stage, these hard workers are cleaning my room, changing my sheets and even scrubbing my toilet. They work in the shadows, behind the scenes, all alone each day.

Often the most recent immigrant drawn to the area, these people often lack the skills for true careers.

I started the "1 Good Turn Campaign" as a way to bring humanity, respect and recognition to these workers in one simple way – by changing the norm of what is expected of the traveling public. In short, the Campaign is working to encourage travelers to leave a tip on the bed for the housekeeper when they check out.

As they say: "One good turn deserves another." I'm sure you agree that these people deserve our thanks and respect. If you would like to participate or become a partner in our important work, please feel free to reach out. We'd love to talk to you!

Thanks for caring!

David Avrin

Chief Advocate
1 Good Turn Campaign

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